How to Define Distribution Channels

Let’s just jump right in! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest. These are all on your devices, right? Read on to find out how to choose and distribute content across digital channels. If you have the energy to scroll further, you’ll find out how to determine KPIs and how to know if your digital content is promoted to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. 🙂

Top tip: (If you don’t take anything from this article, at least read this first VITAL part!)

You shouldn’t publish the same content across all content distribution channels. 

This is the biggest mistake which most advertisers make today. Imagine you go to (completely made up), and you see one content blog on Facebook, then you check their Instagram – the same blog – hmmm…maybe Twitter…SAME BLOG! You know what? I’m wasting my time and you are not giving me valuable information about highlighters. I leave. Boom – bounce rates go up and you are sad.

The Distribution Channels

  1. Your website.
  2. Social Media (FB, IG, TW, P, G+, LI, YT)
  3. You can offer to write a guest blog on someone’s else’s website and get recognition for it (don’t forget to get a juicy backlink back to your website). Your name will be revealed to all the connections of the person for whom you guest blog.
  4. SEO. Have a look at what SEO tools (Seoquake, Moz, Ahrefs) are suggesting. Check out for super cool SEO advice and more tools to explore. Make sure your SERP is descriptive and enticing and that search engines like you.

All these distribution channels are in abundance and exist to be exploited. It just takes time. No pain, no gain. So generate lots of content and vary it across as many distribution channels as possible to enhance your viewer reach.

Promotion Plan

Content Calendar

Get into the habit of creating a content plan where you include the following details:

  1. Content
  2. Assignees
  3. Distribution Channel
  4. Creation and distribution dates
  5. KPIs
  6. Objectives of each day

Defining KPIs and Metrics

How do you know if your campaigns have been successful? It’s pretty self explanatory. Ask yourself:

  1. Am I increasing sales or revenue?
  2. Am I reducing company costs?
  3. Am I satisfying customers?

Choose the correct CMS

From WordPress, to Drupal, to Joomla, these systems are tools which allow you to establish the structure of a website, including screens, aspect, themes, visuals, formats and styles. You can add plugins or extensions, create and edit content without much technical knowledge and much more. Choose one which suits the needs of, and best represents, your business.

Fun Fact: ever wonder what WYSWYG meant? I always did. Well it means ‘what you see is what you get. Cool, right? No? Let’s move on.



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